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Dimplex electric fires are designed to create a cosy atmosphere, while also heating your home and adding depth to your living room with its realistic flame effects. The different technologies available include Optiflame and Opti-V for the ultimate roaring fire, or Optimist for a gentle glow. Available in a range of styles and designs to match your home décor, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs!


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Why choose Dimplex?

In a world where energy efficiency is a top priority, Dimplex is a name synonymous with efficiency and reliability. With cutting-edge innovation for over eighty-five years and a history of extensive testing, Dimplex provides the most efficient products in their class.

Easy to Install

Dimplex electric fires are incredibly easy to install in just minutes. Just plug the Dimplex electric fire into a 13 amp socket, and switch it on! Because they do not require a chimney or flue, you can place electronic factor fires right where you like in your home


Dimplex fires are extremely frugal when used just as a decorative feature in their ‘flames’ only mode. The energy-saving features and low running costs of an Optiflame fire are truly exceptional. The beauty is that they will provide this level of efficiency all year round, with no wasted energy or heat in the summer months.


With Dimplex electric fire safety has been more important. Our electric fires have been designed to give you all the benefits of a traditional open fire without any of the associated hazards. Each product is subject to rigorous testing and BEAB approved, so you can enjoy peace of mind without compromise on style or quality


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